Nothing at All

Nothing at All

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Animal farm
The Movie

Mr.jones and Mrs. Pilkington don’t have an affair in the novel.

The movie skip the part where the animals is harvesting and there is plenty of food
The beast of England is different.

Major dosnt get shot in the novel, he is slowly sleeping in.

Mr. Jones tries to feet the ribs of Major to Jessie (the dog)

The rebellion doesn’t happen at night and they don’t take off in a car.

The human don’t wire the animals (listening to the animals through a microphone)

The pigs don’t use television to distract the other animals

Jessie is the main fortæller

In the first battle all the humans have shotguns, in the novel its is only Jones that haves firearms

Boxer kills in the novel, but the humans survives in the film

The drawings of the windmill is made on a sheet in the movie, but it is really made with choark an the floor

Napoleon treads hae and not wood and there is no middleman between Napoleon an Mr.pilkington

The mood is very bad or sad in the movie, the other animals seems a lot cleaver than in the novel

It is Mr.Jones that destroy the windmill, it was Mr.pilkington

No animals stands out and says that they have been in contact with snowball directly

The pigs makes television

And the animals that is killed is hang and not killed by the dogs

Boxer and Jessie. Not boxer and clover

The meetings between the the animals and the pigs is on video with 2.pig

The meeting is different
the pigs doesn’t walk on to legs and having trouble during it . Before the music video and its only napoleon who stand up.

Ingen kontakt med de andre gårde gennem duerne, og heller ingen spredning om budskabet.

Different ending new owners.

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