nt1230 unit 6, problem set 1

nt1230 unit 6, problem set 1

Unit 6 Problems
1: Remote Desktop
E. based on the former Terminal Service
2: system image backup
J. saves data to a VHD file
3: BranchCache
A. conserves WAN bandwidth
4: distributed cache mode
B. files cached on each client
5: volume shadow copies
H. precious versions
6: incremental backup
D. files changed since the last backup job
7: Windows RE
I. accessible from a Window 7 installation disk

8: hosted cache mode
C. files cached on a central server
9: Windows Remote Management
G. executes PowerShell commands on remote computers
10: system restore point
F. configuration settings and registry information

1: Which of the following service priority guidelines are not accurate?
D. You should rate departmental issues according to how the issues
affect senior management.
2: Place these troubleshooting steps in the correct order, using the procedure
described in this is lesson as your guide:
B. Establish the symptoms
D. Select the most probable cause
C. Test the results
A. Document the solution
3: Which of the following Windows 7 tools does not aid in the network troubleshooting
A. User Accounts control panel
4: Which of the following Windows 7 tools does not aid in the hardware
troubleshooting process?
C. Nslookup.exe
5: Which of the following operating systems cannot use BranchCache? (Choose all
that are correct)
A. Windows Vista
B. Windows server 2008
6: When you load Windows RE from the Windows 7 installation DVD, the system
provides you with a choice of recovery tools; which of the following is not included?
C. Windows Easy Transfer

7: Place the following steps of the Windows 7 startup process in their proper order:
C. Power-on self-test (POST)
D. Initial startup phase
A. Windows Boot...

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