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The paper reveals that aboriginal peoples in the city in Canada live under terrible conditions. The paper focuses on the aboriginal people in Winnipeg and explains their condition with a discussion of stereotypes. The paper also looks at the sociological perspective of conflict theory that best explains the problems of aboriginal people. The paper concludes that they can only improve their own conditions if they have power.

From the Paper
"Aboriginal peoples who live in the city in Canada live under the worst conditions. Compared with other Canadians, they have very low social and economic status. They also have very little education. However, all Aboriginal peoples are not the same. Depending on the city, they can be very different from Aboriginal groups in other cities. This paper is concerned with Aboriginal people in Winnipeg. For one thing, these people have a higher level of education, but the level of poverty also is still high. Even when Aboriginal people in the city should be in a good position, they are not. One very important explanation for the condition of Aboriginal people in Winnipeg is stereotypes. The sociological perspective that best explains the problems of Aboriginal people in Winnipeg and the rest of Canada is conflict theory."

The paper examines Aboriginal status, income, gender and social exclusion as social determinants of health that affect the Aboriginal population. The paper shows how these social determinants of health interact to ensure that the Aboriginal communities have the very worst social and economic conditions in Canada, as well as few resources. The paper outlines policy options to improve the quality of these social determinants of health and discusses the barriers to implementation of these policies.

Aboriginal Status
Social Exclusion
Policy Options for Improvement
Barriers to Implementation of Policy Options

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