America’s Obesity Problem

In recent decades fast food, unhealthy lifestyles, urban living, and

expensive healthcare have spawned an obesity epidemic in America

greater than any other in the world. The rise in obesity rates have

almost doubled in the past quarter century, causing controversy of where

the problem lies. One of the biggest problems are the corporations

aiming at the most vulnerable populations such as low-income families,

Hispanics, African Americans and those with little to no educational


America’s obesity epidemic is gaining attention from politicians to

put laws into effect that will help control corporations push to advertise

to these low-income homes. Mississippi is the most obese state also

happens to be the poorest. And with the rates of obesity increasing in 16

states last year and declining in none, America's diet is influencing

policy, politics and programs. Because of the lack of education many

Americans receive about nutrition, they continue to make unhealthy

lifestyle choices not by their own fault, but because of habit, peers and

their cultural surroundings.

In Micheal Pollan’s “The Food Movement” he argues that the issue of

food goes hand and hand with politics. Here he quotes Michelle Obama
Chilton 2

and her standing of the issue of obesity in contrast to the corporations

ground of “personal responsibility” because of the way they market

products toward the younger population. Michelle Obama told food

assemblers that they should “rethink the products that you’re offering,

the information that you provide about these products, and how you

market those products to our children.” Corporations are now entering

the spot light and being held...

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