Obtaining an Mba

Obtaining an Mba

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The Reason I am obtaining an MBA degree

Bianca Ferguson Phillips

Management 521
Shane J. Millazo
May 3, 2009

In this now competitive global economy I realize how important it is to set myself apart from my peers. Taking my education to the next level is a very important step in obtaining my career goals and a Masters in Business Administration degree has become a necessity to me in becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Because obtaining an MBA degree will give me a competitive advantage above my peers I will be able to further my career despite competition, economic uncertainty and a shrinking workforce.
I feel that in order to rise above the competition I have to communicate, express my ideas and be very knowledgeable of my subject matter. The MBA curriculum will teach me to become a leader, communicate, solves problems, and all the tools I need to further my career. All of these characteristic are vital in my aspiration to become a CPA. When I think of becoming a CPA I have to realistically think about the steps and tools I need to achieve the goal. Having graduated with a four year college degree and becoming an accountant is great, but in order to be a successful higher paid CPA I must have an advantage over my peers. The MBA curriculum gives me that competitive advantage. When I graduate with an MBA I will also have enough credits to become a CPA candidate. This mean I will be eligible to take the CPA exam. Upon successful completion of the state administered exam I will emerge with dual powers: an MBA degree and a CPA license. This puts me above the average accountant and an accountant that has a CPA license only. Many have argued; what is the purpose of having an MBA when I can become a CPOA without additional courses and less financial burden that obtaining an MBA would cause. My answer to that argument is competitive advantage. I can offer an employer more. Not only I can offer managerial and leadership...

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