Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification

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Ocean Acidification: A Problem To Be Solved

The Ocean has been receiving bigger quantities of acid since the industrial revolution and the development of coal and oil. The way that the ocean receives acid is from burning fossil fuels and other products like oil to produce carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Once in our atmosphere, the carbon builds up as a gas and soon rains into our ocean in the form of a liquid or “acid rain”. The rain mixes in with the ocean and takes its final form as an acid. The high acid in our ocean can change every thing from its chemistry to its relationship with humans. “Acid rain” Quoted from: http://www.uk.oneworld.net/guides/ocean_acidification

The acid can change the course of every thing. It has effected the chemistry in oceans because the changes of the acidity rates and recourses are effected by most marine and ocean biology and life. With the changes of this, marine life quote: “won’t be able to adapt in this short amount of time”. This could lead to the ocean being living without life and only some species of jellyfish.
“wont be able to…” quote used from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cqCvcX7buo&feature=player_embedded

Not only does it affect the chemistry of the ocean, it even effected the environment more. The enviroment is effected by the acid because once the acid is at a high enough point, it can dissolve the smaller organizims with a exo-skeleton like forms of plankton which affects the entire food chain, from small fish to sharks. This is a drastic problem because the ocean is a very connected eco-system and one change could effect a lot of the ocean. Even the humans that depend on fish to survive or is their income of money would be affected by this problem. But there can be a solution.

This big problem may seem as though we have destroyed the ocean, but we can fix it. One solution to this problem is to build up what is in risk. We can do this by rebuilding habitats like corral reefs and make...

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