Olympic Written Test

Olympic Written Test

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Olympic Written Test

1. Who is the current Olympic record holder in the 100 yard dash for men?
a. Maurice Green
b. Ato Bolden
c. Usain Bolt
d. Walter Dix

2. The 100 yard dash does not require a starting block start.
e. True
f. False

3. Who won the gold medal in the 200 yard dash in the 1996 Olympics?
g. Michael Johnson
h. Usain Bolt
i. Ato Bolden
j. Frankie Fredericks

4. After an athlete moves after assuming a full and final set position, then moving prior to the starter gun sounding is called a(n)________________________________.

5. Who was the 2012 women’s Olympic Gold medal winner in the 400m run?
k. Deon Hemmings
l. Sanya Richards-Ross
m. Christine Ohuruogu
n. DeeDee Trotter

6. What events require a starting block start?
o. 100m
p. 200m
q. 400m
r. All of the above

7. What is the Olympic record for men’s high jump?
s. 2.45m
t. 2.09m
u. 2.06m
v. 2.39m

8. A jump in high jump is considered a fall if the jumper touches the bar.
w. True
x. False

9. What is the diameter of the throwing circle for the shot put?
y. 2.135m
z. 3.925m
{. 7.434m
|. 4.652m

10. How much time does a shot put thrower have to start throwing once their name is called?
}. 30 seconds
~. 60 seconds
. 90 seconds
. 45 seconds

11. When is the earliest documented discus event?
. 5th century B.C.
. 9th Century B.C.
. 11th Century B.C.
. 13th Century B.C.

12. Who holds the Olympic record for women’s discus?
. Mariya Petkova
. Gabriele Reinsch
. Faina Melnyk
. Tamara Press

13. How many Olympic rings are there and what are the colors? What do they represent?

14. Which nations have a strong javelin tradition?
. Americas...

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