Online Banking in Bangladesh

Online Banking in Bangladesh

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A Background

Definitions of online may be any capability available or work done directly on a computer. Or when even we connect to the Internet, we are online. A general term for when one computer is interacting directly and simultaneously with another computer. Direct communication between a user and a computer which allows a request to be processed and the results displayed immediately on the terminal screen – is known as online. In general, something is said to be online if it is connected to some larger network or system.

By online banking we mean the Any Branch Banking1 facility. Through which one can enjoy the benefits of being able to access one’s bank account from any of the branches and extension counters across the country. Any Branch Banking enables customers to make withdrawals and remittances at any branch of their bank, anywhere in the country.

B Statement

On-line banking can play a significant role in uplifting the entire banking services and thus effect positively in country’s economy.

C Objectives

1 Broad

To evaluate the benefits of on-line banking in Bangladesh.

2 Specific

▪ To identify the IT Based Financial Products
▪ To identify the on-line banking benefits from customer’s point of view.
▪ To identify the on-line banking benefits from banker’s point of view.

D Hypothesis

▪ Online banking is a substitute of traditional banking.
▪ Online banking will meet customers’ various need.
▪ On-line banking is a demand of today.
▪ Whether on-line banking can be regarded as the real bank procedure.
▪ There are significant differences between traditional banking & true on-line banking.

E Scopes & Limitations

On-line banking will cover all the modern facilities that a bank can expect from the advancement of technology. On-line banking that we are focusing on will include the following:

▪ Any-Branch-Banking

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