Green banking in Bangladesh and its benifits ot environment

Green banking in Bangladesh and its benifits ot environment

Research Summery

“Green Banking in Bangladesh
and its benefits to Environment”

Mohammad Mahabubur Rahman Biplob
M.Phil Applicant
Department of Geography & Environment
Jahangirnagar University
Savar, Dhaka

August 2014

Green Banking in Bangladesh and its benefits to Environment

What is Green Banking?
Green Banking can’t be easily defined, but we can try. Green banking includes any service of banking that benefits the environment. A rather broad definition that works for us, Green banking can benefit the environment in two ways-
1. reduce carbon footprints of customers or banks, and
2. reduce paper uses.
The environmental benefits work both ways. So it just makes sense that Green Bank would lead to find ways to customers’ financial interests with the interests of the environment.

Example of Green Banking
One of the best example of green banking is online bank account. When a customer go online, he can check his account through internet. He don’t need to go to the bank, no fuel is consumed for his transport. Bank also don’t give any printed paper for giving account information. So, first benefit includes customer side, and second benefit include the bank’s side. Customer benefits environment by reduce carbon discharge, bank benefits the environment by save paper.

Role of Information technology
Green banking is not to be confused to online banking. But it is true that green banking become easier by online banking. By introducing online banking, a customer had to not go to the bank for his service. ATM is a important service that also introduced by online banking. On the other hand, big banks of the world already had paperless banking, which is also made possible by online banking.

Objectives of the Research
The main objectives are
1. Find out the contribution of green banking in Bangladesh.
2. Find out the environmental benefits by green banking.

Other objectives are lies into these two main...

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