Online Communication

Online Communication

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Online communication can be defined as communication online using communication technologies. Communication technologies can be used to supplement and enhance delivery of education. There are many forms of communication technologies such as (1) email; (2) telephone; (3) facsimile; (4) audiographs; (5) video teleconferencing; (6) two-way interactive television; (7) bulletin boards; (8) discussion boards; (9) asynchronous forums [threaded discussion]; and (10) synchronous chat [real time].

Online communication allows for communication anywhere and anytime at any place. It can decrease isolation and facilitate the learning process. A sense of community can be achieved via asynchronous and synchronous communication. Asynchronous forums allow for a history or thread of discussions on a topic be recorded. Replies and new postings can be made within discussion threads. Within one forum a series of conferences or forum topics can be started. However, synchronous chat allows two or more logged in users to have a real-time online conversation with all users logging onto the same computer or via a network.

Most of online learners hold another responsibility towards their job and families. Online learners usually have difficulties in dividing their time and commitment between their study, job and families. Most of them tend to spend more time with their job and families rather than their study. As a result, the probability for them to get involve actively in communicating online such as forum, online tutorial and discussion board are very low. This is true as online learners tend to give an excuses of lack of time is the main difficulties they faced when being asked the reason behind their absent during online tutorial.

Online learning is a way of learning that focus on releasing learners from constraints of time and place whilst offering flexible learning opportunities. Therefore, all the learning process depends on the students itself. It is hard for...

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