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Beth Hernandez


Period 0

Inside the Mind of Ophelia

August 20, 1570

Just yesterday our great King Hamlet has died. My dear poor Hamlet, caught in distraught over his father’s mysterious death. It doth seem quite unusual. There was no trace of sickness the week before. And the poor Queen. I hath never seen her majesty in such pain. The royal court was in complete sorrow yesterday.
The dead King’s brother, Claudius, has come to the castle to remorse over the tragedy. I found it odd how there was few tears from his eyes. His own brother, dead! And it was as if he forced those few tears from his dry eyes. It was if he had no feeling, no motion. Whatever the reason was, I do not know. Claudius is still at the castle, and I’ve heard rumor that he will become Denmark’s new King, even though Hamlet is to follow the crown. I will put more thought to it and write back.

August 12, 1570

Her majesty wore nothing but the color of black, showing her sorrows when King Hamlet had died. But now she displays vivid colors of green and red, blues and violets. And also, the rumor hath shown through, it is true! Later today his ceremony will take place, announcing his new position as King of Denmark. In just three days after today will be the wedding of King Claudius and Queen Gertrude! Many peculiar events are taking place at the castle! I do not understand how or why this would happen, but it has no matter what. My father, being close to the King, heard the news this morning of the marriage. I bet Hamlet knows of this as well. My fair Hamlet, it has been days since I last saw him. With all the events that have taken place, it’s been hard to visit him. Though a mere glance of him brightens my day. I miss him, everything was going perfect until the still unknown death of our beloved King Hamlet.

August 26, 1570

So yesterday the players came from afar. I was so excited to hear of this! Past events have just made everything so much...

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