Opinion of Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Opinion of Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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This book draws more than just a review, the story begs for analysis. That's because it can mean many things to different people. I doubt there is one specific analogy that is drawn from it. I remember discussion about the depths of meaning and comparisons with Christianity and Jesus, New Age connections and that of Mysticism. I can see why. Others thought this a self-help book driving them to be the best they could. It does exhort positive thinking. I remember some speaking how reading this book was life-changing experience.

My view was quite simple. I saw an analogy between Jonathan and young people who find a idea or talent in their life that draws them to further study. I remember classmates in high school that just didn't "fit in" because their minds were drawn deeply in other direction. Jonathan was like the musician that spends every waking hour practicing his/her instrument for the love and joy of it. Maybe he was budding geologist that takes pleasure walking alone in a desert studying rock. Perhaps he was that English major that couldn't get enough of the classics and dreamed and studied writing skills so as to share their own thoughts.

I read into Jonathan's meeting the two "angel like" birds as others who also enjoyed the fields he was studying. Perhaps they were teachers he connected with. They urged him onto deeper study. Was "heaven" higher schools of learning, colleges and universities, where he met others who also loved the field and found educators that pushed them to their highest.

There is a strong connection that comes to those with the same interests. Perhaps Jonathan was the musician or the scientist or the writer who decided, after some study, to no longer follow their goal of profession and decided instead to find others like them in the elementary, middle and high schools of the world. Maybe they simply wanted to share their knowledge and help those who were different. They wanted to become educators.

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