Opposing View on Capital Punishment

Opposing View on Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is a controversial topic in many countries, cultures and English classes. As in any debatable issue, there are two sides to this one: one either is in favor or against it. I choose to be against capital punishment, for I consider it to be cruel, inhumane and degrading. Capital punishment denies criminals their natural born right to life. It should be abolished because it has never been shown to prevent crimes more effectively than other jail sentences. People should understand that crime could be fought and deterred in a better way through an efficacious police department and an effective judicial system than through the execution of criminals.

There is no actual intention to capital punishment other than reprisal, which should be opposed by the citizens of a free and just nation. The whole idea of death sentence reminisces to barbaric times when the Code of Hammurabi was law in Mesopotamia. The death penalty is corporal punishment in its most severe form and is considered to be the ultimate form of retribution for those who have committed society's most atrocious crimes, including rape and murder. In retribution, we demand those who commit these crimes to be executed. We continue to perform “eye for an eye” actions. But if agreed otherwise, then what is the difference between murder and execution? How can one form of murder be right and another wrong?

Capital punishment, by definition, is the legal killing of an individual. Now, how can someone be killed legally when murder is universally recognized as a violent and serious crime? It is irrevocable; once an inhabitant of death row pays the ultimate price, there is no going back.

From my Christian-Catholic point of view, any State should not be entitled to kill anyone because of their deeds, since the right to life is granted only by God, and He is the only one who can take it away. Also, one of the "Ten Commandments" states, " Thou shalt...

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