Optical Metrology Market

Optical Metrology Market

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Optical metrology makes use of interaction of light with any object to measure unknown quantities. Optical
metrology is a technology involving measurements with light. Measurement is based on the principle that
transmission of light is without contact. Thus, optical metrology is majorly used in applications where physical
contact cannot be made between the object to be measured and the sensors. It is possible by use of different light
sources such as broadband, lasers and narrowband light sources which are directed on the test object in order to
record its measurements and then project it back on a receiving target. The data thus obtained undergoes
processing, where it is analyzed and interpreted by means of software algorithms for providing an accurate
representation of the data required. Additional advantages of optical metrology include its potential to operate with
larger volumes of measurement as well as its ability to set focus of measurement at the point of interest with high
precision. Increased focus on precision in manufacturing has led many industries to use such measurement
technologies in order to ensure accuracy. As a result, the optical metrology market is witnessing a strong growth in
the end users industries such as the aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical and power-generation industries.
Additionally optical metrology systems are also used by...

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