Order and Deliver Lunch Service

Order and Deliver Lunch Service

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Date: November 9, 2008
To: Stacie Matthew
From: Sara Griffin, Axia College Student SG
Subject: The Advantages of Order and Deliver Lunch Service

This Memo presents the advantages of having an order and Lunch service for your employees. After reviewing your River View Plaza Digital Story I have found that the order and deliver lunch service would be useful for your employees.

What are the Advantages?

After reviewing the digital story I have notice at your cafeteria is on the first floor and your employees are located on the third floor. Have an order and deliver service would allow employees to stay at their desk and have lunch deliver to them. At their lunch time without worrying about rushing down stairs quickly eating their lunch and making it back to their desk before lunch is over. This can also benefit the manager also because they would not have to stop working while they eat their lunch.

How Will the Order and Deliver Service Work?

The Order and Deliver Service works by having the employees call down stairs an hour before lunch and order their desired lunch. Then when lunch time comes along a trolley will go around to each employee and deliver what they have ordered.

Can we make it happen?

I believe that we could make this happen. The only thing DigiFast would have to do is to build a small kitchen it the break room and higher two or three employees to run the kitchen. Everywhere I have checked loved this service because they could continue working while they eat. Others say they like that they do not have to rush through lunch and they can relax.

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