Organizational Behavior and Changes

Organizational Behavior and Changes

Organizational Changes Organizational changes take place when the force field that
counterbalances change is overcome. Different power base utilization
facilitates these types of changes. Change could be a topic in and by
itself but we have chosen to incorporate the use of different power
bases and their effects on change.

Power, in organizational change, is having the potential ability to
influence behavior, to change the course of events, to overcome
resistance, and to get people to do things that they would not
otherwise do.(1) Understanding when to use a particular type of power
base can ease the difficulties encountered when making the change. The
influence, of the director of change, can be undermined by the
follower's acceptance or rejection. An individual appointed by upper
management (position power) could meet with massive rejection from the
followers; whereas, another could ease into the position because
follower's perceive...

Organizational Psychology

I worked throughout high school and college. Consequently, I know the frustration of squandered effort, perceived inequities in reward systems, and lack of job satisfaction. I also know the triumph of excellent performance, intrinsic job satisfaction, and the piece of mind that accompanies work well designed. The ultimate goal of Industrial/Organizational Psychology is to reduce the margin that exists between how people could feel about their work, and how people do feel about their work; while integrating the organization's and the individual's needs.

Because of my varied work experience, I am able to offer strength and diversity to your program. Before attending the University of Northern Iowa, I was employed in the music industry, construction, restaurant management, and sales. I view these years as invaluable, as they have shaped my motives, compelled me to appreciate the need for goal orientation, and allowed me to experience the triumphs and...

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