Organizational Climate

Organizational Climate

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As a consultant in Managerial Psychology, you have been invited by an international organization to study the workforce of their Nigerian company. There are 2,500 employees working in the organization which produces soft drinks and has its locations in 5 states of the country. You are expected to select one third of the employees in all the five locations. The company has 25% of employees in the category of managers and above. This category constitutes the senior staff in the organization. The remaining 75% are below manager level. Using the survey method, you are required to study aspects of the sociological and psychological functioning of the employees.


1. Cover page (must have report title, name of student, matriculation number etc).

2. Background introduction (1 page maximum).

3. Statement of the problem (1 page maximum).

4. Objective of the study. (At least 2 pages).

5. Literature review (2 pages maximum).

6. Methodology (2 pages maximum).

6A. Write something on the general population.

6B. Write something on the sample population.

6C. Write something on the measurement of variables (instruments used to collect data).

6D. Procedure for data collection.

6E. Sample table (at least one).

7. Conclusion (5 lines maximum).

8. References.

9. Appendices.

Deadline for submission is on or before the 28th December 2012. You may submit your assignment to the class governor.

Assignment is 25 MARKS.

Dubbing is an option open to you!! But you won't get more than 2% of the total marks.

YES, you have to attempt all of the above questions.

NO, you can't do "add & delete" for this course. It is a compulsory course.

And NO, this is not how the lecturer will set his exam questions. No need for high blood pressure.

For any further questions on the above assignment, please contact the lecturer, Prof. Sunmola (at least that's what i think his name is) at the department. He is willing and able to answer any...

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