Orginizational paper

Orginizational paper

Organizational Paper
Jennifer Johnson
July 13, 2015
University of Phoenix

Organizational Paper

Managers are given great opportunity and also expected to improve the overall performance in their company. A great aspect to the success of any company is how it is organized. Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior, George and Jones define organization as a group of people that “work together and coordinate their actions to achieve a variety of goals” (page 5). The paper will focus on explaining the main components of organizational behavior, providing examples of how these components relate to the workplace, as well as how it would be benefit any type of manager.
Main components of Organized Behavior
Managers and people who are put in charge may or may not realize it but they ultimately have the power to prevent or change an employee’s performance. The text state that organized behavior is a study that focuses on why people “think, feel, and respond to work and how organizations respond to their environment” (page 5). In simple terms this means that there is a science behind why people react and think the way they do within in the frames of their work environment. In turn this means that the company and managers within it have a significant authority that governs their employee’s behavior. Knowledgeable managers also utilize the steps outlined for organizational behavior.
Three parts of Organized Behavior
There are three parts to organizational behavior; part one focuses on the individuals in the organization, part two focuses on groups and team processes, and part three focuses on organizational processes. Focusing on the individuals within the is vital because, each person comes from a diverse background and has their own theories, sets of rules and ethics that govern

their decisions. Employees and managers alike should realize that everyone has different moods and emotions, learn differently, are...

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