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There should be other alternatives besides the required standardized test. Each individual has his own style of learning in which the standardized test fails to identify. Erik Badertscher states “American classrooms rely too heavily on statistical analysis, the learning of isolated facts and figures, and not enough on knowledge in context” (1). The standardize test fails to measure the learning ability of children, it fails to provide true standards, and it fails to promote self confidence in students who do not do well on timed tests. Giving students other options would not only provide more accurate findings, but also create avenues in which students who learn “out of the box” to develop self esteem.

Badertscher states in his essay “Standardized tests do not take into account the uniqueness of each child, with his or her own individual learning style” (1). Some students are visual learners, while others learn by doing hands-on projects. Standardize test do not provide for these kinds of students. In the article “Standardize Testing: Guide to Critical Analysis” the author gives a fact example that reads, “Recent studies show that short-answer and essay tests are more effective than multiple choice standardize tests in helping students recall information.” In many cases, trickery of multiple choice questions will confuse students, whereas looking at a question with no choices will inspire the natural instinct of that individual to produce the correct answer. Essay questions would give the student a chance to think critically which will not result in a right or wrong answer, but will be graded on how well he or she is able to grasp the concept of that question’s idea. Being able to think critically is important to practice on tests, which will also be used lifelong. When teachers have to spend so much time preparing the students for the standardize test, they do not have time to thoroughly teach the material in context.


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