Out Door Advertising

Out Door Advertising

Outdoor Advertising
utdoor advertising is also a very popular form of advertising, which makes use of several tools and techniques to attract the customers outdoors. The most common examples of outdoor advertising are billboards, kiosks, and also several events and tradeshows organized by the company. Billboard advertising is very popular, however, it has to be really terse and catchy in order to grab the attention of the passers by.
The kiosks not only provide an easy outlet for the company products but also make for an effective advertising tool to promote it. Organizing several events or sponsoring those makes for an excellent advertising opportunity. The company can organize trade fairs, or even exhibitions for advertising their products. If not this, the company can organize several events that are closely associated with their field. For instance a company that manufactures sports utilities can sponsor a sports tournament to advertise its products.
Standard Client-Agency Interaction Process
Buying of space
OOH Agency
Media Plan
Media Brief


Ad agency/ Media Agency

Evaluation of plan
Fig. 1
Constituents of the Industry Vertical
The outdoor industry can be classified into the following basic verticals.
The client over here refers to the company seeking outdoor advertising. Cellular companies generally spend a lot on this medium in India. Radio industry also uses outdoor media a lot, as it complements the kind of local reach the radio industry seeks.
Most radios accept outdoor advertising which forms a major chunk of their advertising budget. They attribute this to the fact that just like the radio, outdoor media too is localized. Hence local radio stations can drive in a personal touch-point with the consumers especially during the launch phase. It has been widely accepted that outdoor advertising greatly influences radio listenership. Another viewpoint is that many people...

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