Outline of the Old Testament

Outline of the Old Testament

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Old Testament Outline

I. Genesis 1-11
A. Creation
1. Man in the plain of Eden
2. Man disobeys God and is made to leave
3. Man struggles to survive
4. Cain and Abel show jealousy
5. Cain kills Abel
6. Civilization begins to develop
7. Man incurs God’s wrath
B. The Flood
1. God’s judgment in the Flood
2. Nations begin to grow
3. Empires are created and languages are developed
4. Patriarch list is created which leads to Abram
II. Genesis 12-50
A. Abram is called upon by God
B. Abram accepts God’s promise of being a blessing
C. Adventures in the promised Land
D. Isaac and Jacob
1. Jacob creates 12 sons, the children of Israel.
E. Joseph becomes premier of Egypt
1. The 12 sons and the others are saved from starvation by going to Egypt with Joseph
III. Exodus 1-19
A. Israel becomes in slaved in Egypt
B. Moses raises up a deliverance
C. Israel escapes, crossing the Sea of Reeds
D. God provides food and water through the wilderness to reach Mount Sinai
IV. Exodus 20-Levictus 27
A. God makes a convent with Israel at Sinai
B The Tabernacle made as the central sanctuary
1. House the Ark
2. The throne of God, but there is no image of God.
C. Rights of Sacrifice is created
1. Instructions for living are presented
V. Number
A. The tribes are numbered
B. God’s presence by fire and cloud
1. The promised Land borders are reached
2. The people rebel
3. God prohibits entry
4. An attempt to enter Canaan form the South
5. After 38 years a new attempt is made from the West
6. Entrance is refused
VI. Deuteronomy
Robinson 2

A. Repeat attempts of the journeys
B. Israel and the giving of Law various ordinances
C. Moses dies.
VII. Joshua
A. Somewhat successful attack on the Promised Land
B. Israel is created in the Hill Country
C. Scechem is created, the central sanctuary for the tribes
D. Tribe to maintain unity by attending only three times a year at the...

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