Outsourcing the Human out of Human Resources in UPS

Outsourcing the Human out of Human Resources in UPS

Outsourcing the Human out of Human Resources in UPS

Rodolfo Rodriguez

University of Redlands

Individual Article Analysis

September 22, 2012


Outsourcing can be implemented in many services, including Human Resources. United Parcel Service (UPS) implemented the outsourcing of Human Resources in 2010 and it has impacted UPS drastically both negative (employees not liking the change) and positive (its saving cost in the long run). This article also shows how outsourcing many services can be the right decision to aid the company survive in a downward economy and if dividing Human Resources will become more cost effective in the long run and can be beneficial to any workforce..

Outsourcing the Human out of Human Resources

Due to the recent economic struggles plaguing the United States, 2008-Present, UPS has had to revamp their MOP (Management Operational Plan) even further to adapt to the current economic status. UPS earns its profit do to the trade and selling of items amongst people and organizations all over the world, by providing a service guarantee that those items will be delivered to their final destination and doing it on a timely manner and by providing great customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. According to UPS Pressroom (December 2010), UPS has identified the possibility of outsourcing the Human Resources divisions off the company’s labor workforce to India to accommodate the harsh economic facts that the company is facing today. According to Windrom, Reinstaller, and Bull (2008) “the term Outsourcing can cover many areas and activities, in manufacturing as well as services.” UPS is exploring the concept of outsourcing, by testing it in the branch focused on Human Resources.
The Human Resources department is a specific skilled branch that provides services on elements such as: Staffing operations, management of...

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