Overview of Remarque's Novel

Overview of Remarque's Novel

All Quiet on the Western Front


Outline :
A) Introduction: general overview.
B) Summary of the book.
C) Paul’s views.
G) Conclusion.
This research paper gives the overview of Remarque’s novel All Quiet on the Western Front.
In All Quiet on the Western Front, Remarque demonstrates the mess caused by the war.

A famous novel by Erich Maria Remarque “All Quiet on the Western Front” describes the World War I. It concentrates on psychological alterations caused by the cruelties of the war upon a German fellow. Throughout the novel, Remarque’s main hero, Paul Baumer, transforms from a quite ingenuous young man to a coarse and skillful soldier. The more vital idea is that, throughout the process of transformation, Baumer becomes estranged from the community valuables - family, school, church—all that made up his life before being enrolled to the army. His utter unacceptance of the peace life is a consequence of Baumer’s understanding that the peaceful community just is not conscious of the severity of the World War I. His newly-formed community consists of his front-friends, because this society undergoes all the horrors of the war as Baumer does.
 Remarque wrote the novel "All Quiet on the Western Front" from the first person.  The novel is delivered by Paul Baumer, a nineteen year old fellow, who was persuaded to join the German army by his headmaster.    Being at the war, Paul, gets acquainted with new friends, who follow him during the whole story.    After being injured in his leg Paul is allowed to call on his family for a fortnight. At home Baumer learns that his mother is dying of cancer and he realizes that a person can die not only at war. After the leave he is brought back to training courses and then to the battle-field.      Coming back to the war was difficult for Baumer.  He is observing with terror how all his friends are killed one by one.  The most painful was Kat’s death.   Kat was injured and Baumer...

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