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Pain relief in labor

The life is keeping changing day by day and human is the one who producing this changing, but human need something called evidence for each change to be useful in this life. As we know health care is wide aspect, which consider a lot of things from a health care provider. The health care provider needs to be safe in practice to produce good results (Oman Nursing & Midwifery Council (ONMC) 2011).

First thing definition of evidence based practices
Evidence based practice is a measurement tool for outcome because it is supported tool for intervention and because it is helping nurses to select the best intervention. Evidence based practice is careful use current research or observation in order to produce best quality of care for clients (Melnyk, Flineout-Overholt, 2005). It is important that healthcare providers be well knowledge about EPB so they can make judgments about best intervention, to minimize the hazards in the working area (Hamer, Collinson, 2005)
Worldwide evidence based practices become an important aspect of care these days. As Hamer and Collinson (2005) they mention that: Since 1970 evidence based practices in the health field were used more than before and that’s because the development of technology and ability of doing more research(Hamer and Collinson 2005.
From daily practices in all world every one can indicate that evidence based practice has an appositive effect because it is more than opinion-based. In Oman nurses apply evidence-based practices in health care widely because the Ministry of Health had seen the effect of evidence-based practices in providing high quality of care for patients. The Ministry of Health considers evidence based practices important as a part of the code of professional conduct for nurses and midwives under professional knowledge and competence and they explained that nurses must provide care based on strong and newest evidence. (Oman Nursing and Midwifery...

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