Stage 1 Ancient Studies
Assessment Type 1: Folio
Weighting – 20%
Task: The Politics of the Ancient World

Purpose: To participate in a debate which demonstrates your ability to research and communicate knowledge on politics in the Ancient World

Description of assessment:
As a class you will participate in a formal debate on the topics below. Each team will have 3 speakers. You will need to prepare your arguments as well as a rebuttal.

At least one person in your team will need to use the writings of Ancient Writers to support your arguments.

In conjunction with the debate, you will be required to provide a 500 words written summary of your research which has influenced the knowledge of your topic. This needs to be accurately referenced.

The topics are;
The direct democracy of Ancient Athens is more effective than the representative democracy of Australia

The oligarchical structure of Ancient Sparta was more beneficial to citizens than that of democratic Athens

Both women in the Ancient world and the modern world have little impact on government and politics

Assessment conditions

3 – 4 minute debate presentation including cue cards
500 word summary of evidence and knowledge accurately referenced
A bibliography

Learning Requirements
Assessment Design Criteria
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of selected ideas, individuals, groups, institutions, social systems, events, and artefacts of the ancient world

2. Recognise and reflect on the diversity of attitudes, beliefs, and values throughout the ancient world

3. Research, critically analyse, and synthesise primary and secondary sources, including literary sources

4. Demonstrate selected skills of historical literacy

5. Communicate informed and relevant argument using different forms.

Knowledge and Understanding
KU1 Knowledge and understanding of selected ideas, individuals, groups, institutions,...

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