Paris Hilton Should Go to Jail

Paris Hilton Should Go to Jail

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Why Paris Hilton Should Go To Jail

Recently Paris Hilton, a famous model and heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune, was sentenced to jail for a probation violation. The judge sentenced her to 45 days in jail. I think that this is a fair sentence for someone who has violated their probation. At first when she was sentenced, she tried to appeal her sentence, felling that it was unfair. If Miss Hilton was you or me, she would have gone to jail a long time ago, since this is not her first violation of her probation. Her publicist has stated that she cannot handle jail, but can anyone? She broke the law, and now she must pay the consequences like any other citizen. She deserves to be treated just like any other; she should be put in the general population, not in a section for “high profile” individuals. The problem with today’s society believes that celebrities are “above the law”; however, they should be held accountable for their actions, not able to skate through life.

Paris Hilton should not go to jail for many reasons. Since she is a celebrity, she could possibly break out in a rash from the harsh soaps that she will be using. And then what about her cell phone? She will be unable to have it, and she has so many important people that she needs to call. After 45 days in jail her hair will be ruined due to all the harsh chemicals in the water. And what about her dog Tinkerbelle? Who will take care of her? Miss Hilton is a high-profile individual who should not be subjected to the penal system, she is well above that.

The second paragraph is the logical mistakes. I used them to rationalize why Paris shouldn’t go to jail. That her hair would get ruined, who would take care of her dog, ect.

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