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Eric C

The person who I admire is my cousin. The reason I admire him is because he's a positive and intelligent and he never gives up. He was in jail and involved with gangs, hooked on drugs he dropped out of school. Until one day he got his life together. Now he's in college, he also has his high school diploma and has a good decent job. I admire that because I know it wasn't easy for him and he never gave up no matter what.

Even though my cousin did what he did he is a very positive person. When my cousin dropped out of school he got involved with gangs. He started to get into trouble and doing drugs. Until one day he got caught by the cops with drugs. He was then send to jail for 1 year.

Another reason I admire him is because he is a really smart person. As soon as he got out of jail he got his life back together. He went back to school and got a job, and worked his way up until he finished high school. He then joined community college. Now he is in med school and is on a road to a successful future.

Another reason, I admire him is because he is not a quitter type of person. He tried and tried never giving up and now look at him, he is doing very good. He totally changed his life around. Now everyone in my family looks up on him because they admire what he has achieved.

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