Life in Jail

Life in Jail

Many criminals that are easily caught and jailed is a result of them not concealing

their identity. In October of 2005 I was incarcerated for strong-arm robbery and put on

probation because the victim saw my face. The lesson I learned that year was that a mask

is the difference between jail and freedom.

My night began just like any other night at my house with no money and no

marijuana. I called my two friends over, Matt and Stephen, hoping they had either of the

two, but they didn’t. We began brainstorming on how to get marijuana, or money to buy

the drug. Stephen dug deep in his pocket, pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and

said, “ I have this drug dealers number, I don’t really know him so we could rob him if

you guys want.” I’ve robbed many dealers before so I immediately said yes. As we all get

ready I thought maybe I should wear a mask but I figured since I’ve never met this guy it

really didn’t matter. The dealer met up with us and everything went as planned. Before I

knew it we were back at my house smoking our spoils. An hour later I hear a knock on

the door and it’s the police. I tried to tell them I was at my house all night and know

nothing of a robbery. The officer began to believe me until the drug dealer stepped out of

the police car and one by one pointed us all out. I thought to myself, “ I should’ve wore

a damn mask.”

We spent a couple months in the county jail and the judge sentenced us to five

years probation which I am still serving now. If I had concealed my identity this whole

legal trip could’ve been avoided. My family thinks my lesson learned was that I don’t

need marijuana in my life and that I should work for what I want, not just take it. The

only lesson I learned from this situation is that I need a mask when doing anything

Crimes are committed everyday and half the time no one is accounted for them

because they’re done right. I’ve...

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