Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

About Past Life Regression London

What is past life regression?

Past life regression in London is regression back to a past life experience. This therapy uses an altered state, usually hypnotically induced, in order to access previous lives or experiences.
I guide my clients into a deeply relaxed state, and then continue guiding them through imagery into the past life.

For example, I might ask a client to imagine what the door to their past life experience might be like, and then to go through that door. It’s then possible to move forwards and backwards through the life in order to experience it as fully as possible.

Whatever life you access will have meaning for you.
A relaxed trance state allows the subconscious mind to work more effectively and creatively. You will be able to use your own inner guidance and instincts while exploring the life, with a minimal amount of direction from me. I am simply the instructor and facilitator for this work, the experience is all yours.

Why use past life regression in London?
The reasons why a therapist or an individual may choose to use past life regression are very varied.
Sometimes people choose to see if they can explore a life which may be related to a particular problem they are experiencing in this life - such as a recurring nightmare, or a physical pain or ache for which there seems to be no medical reason. Others may choose to connect with a life in which they may have existed in some way with their current partner, a friend, or a parent.

Many people come just because they want to experience a past life.
A therapist may choose to work with a client in this way because past life work allows a person to work very creatively with their issues. There is more flexibility working in a scenario which does not directly connect with a person’s current life, although it is linked. This can give the client the space they need to make changes. It also allows the client to work on their issues in...

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