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Carolyn thinks that her parents should love her the best of all their children. After all, she has been around longer than her younger brother and sister, Josh and Dana! Recently, she has not been so sure that they do.

All three children have parts in a community play. Carolyn will recite a poem about a river. Mrs. Lasiter, the play director, has praised Carolyn for reciting her poem perfectly. Carolyn is sure that her performance will be better than Josh’s bird or Dana’s sunflower. When her parents see how wonderful she is, they will once more love her best.

On the evening of the program, everybody began arriving at the community center. The room was fully decorated like a bright spring day. Bees were buzzing, birds were chirping, and rabbits were hopping about. Then it was show time. "Break a leg, everybody," whispered Mrs. Lasiter nervously.

The audience sang the "Star-Spangled Banner" way off-key. Somebody else gave a welcome. And the play began.

The first scene up was performed by Dana’s age group. The sunflower garden.

Dana and all ten of the little three- through five-year-old sunflowers followed the six-year-old sun across the sky. White fluffy clouds hung from the ceiling, and a carpet of green grass covered the floor.

Carolyn looked from behind the big sheet that served as a curtain. Mama was smiling as she watched little Dana lean toward the sun just as a real flower does.

Daddy was busy taking video, never missing a minute of it. Granddaddy was enjoying himself too. He was snapping pictures, one after the other. She is cute, thought Carolyn. But wait until it’s my turn. I’m going to blow them all away.

When it was Josh’s turn Carolyn could see Mama holding her breath, especially when it was time for Josh to sing. He was so good. Not one mistake. Daddy got so involved with listening, he almost forgot to start the camera. In fact Grandmama took over the video so...

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