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Peer Essay

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Brian Hale
Ms. Calvin
June 17, 2013

Life Dedicated to Helping Others

Throughout the world we may find someone who loves to help people better their life, this special person with the career chosen path of Human Services can fulfill their dreams while helping others who are less fortunate create one in their own life. Human Services not only provide programs, but offers someone in need of help to have a new look on life. Do you know someone who may fit this description? Well I do, born right here Milwaukee Trina Wainwright has found her dream in becoming a Human Services (AODA Track).
She was born the youngest of three two siblings which are two older brothers. Her family business was tavern and bars of which was run by her mother and father. This as a child proved to be quite a lonely time for her, clearly only because the bar was not the proper place to raise the only girl in the family. During her teenage years she faced family –related drugs and alcohol among her older siblings as with anyone else. As these years passed she found comfort through creative writing and arts and crafts, by age 18 she was a self-taught artist.
Early adulthood provided her with a sense of new direction, she had her own children two beautiful daughters who she taught positive morals and values, as a result one of them has graduated from college and the other is currently still attending. Trina enjoys similar things as I do which is cooking and spending time with extended family.
Since making sure her second child was off to college she has currently enrolled in MATC to obtain a Master’s Degree in Human Services and Theology. I personally feel she is on the right track to become successful, because the first step was making sure her daughters got into college (you know the saying “family first”), secondly she enrolled in the program needed to obtain the necessary tools to help others in their life.
With self-determination and great focus...

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