Personal Development Plan 3

Personal Development Plan 3

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Professional Communication and Presentation Skills
TOPIC: Presentation skills


NAME: Balwinder Singh

ROLL NO: 38370


Mr. Faisal Malik

I am not intelligent by gifted but I work hard to achieve my goal after I passed my 10th grade, I went to college and I had a sciences subject in my 12th grade. I didn’t get good grades like my other class fellow but I am 1st person in my family that passed 12th grade. After my 12th grade exams I start my IELTS classes because I want to get high education in Britain and I think my English is not so good that give me satisfaction in class room and I got good result in IELTS Exams, and defiantly its gave me a lot of satisfaction to speak English and also more confidents when I speak English in India and also in UK. My IELTS give me a lot of knowledge about communication, written and listing. Because in college we speak English even we don’t know some word but we need to know alternative words and complete the sentence.
I got admission in BITES (British Institute of Technology and E-commerce) in BA Innovative Business in London UK. I was very happy to study in UK, where I will have a lot of enjoyment and defiantly good education as well but I don’t know the problem that I will face in UK. When I came in UK the first problem I face is language rather I had good knowledge in listing , speaking and etc but here in UK I feel I lost my confidence because different people speak different way of English like water people say wowa and etc. But with the help of my college and teacher I learn a lot and I think I overcome this problem.
In future I have thought to do MBA In marketing. Because I am good in relation and I know I can succeed in this industry rather than in Computer sciences because in IT new stuff is coming in market and you need to update yourself regarding the version of software. And 2nd reason no one in my family are working in company because they have their own business and...

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