Personal Fulfilment

Personal Fulfilment

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Nowadays, every time you turn the TV. on, you are likely to see a commercial or show aimed at trying to get the viewer to believe that unless you have self fulfillment, you will not be successful in life. The media relies on celebrities to communicate this concept to the general public, as it may seem to be a goal that we all can achieve. Personal fulfillment is represented by the gain of material goods, or moments of pleasure and satisfaction, as we tend to believe that these objects will make us happy. However, the concept the way it is presented, would suggest a very selfish approach at our role in society. It leaves no consideration to the concepts of self-responsibility for others and ourselves.

The message can be direct or subtle, however the goal is the same. If you want it, you must have it. Part of this message or belief responds to a distorted view of the American Dream. The American Dream encourages us to believe that there are material goals that you must achieve to be successful and gain personal satisfaction. The original idea was based on a belief that everyone had the same opportunity to be successful regardless of your background, as long as you worked hard to achieve your goal. Earlier generations, that suffer great need in this country tried to encourage in their children the idea that working hard will get you to reach your goals, no matter how unreachable the goal might have seem. Later generations, tried to avoid in their children the limitations that they endured, and the view resulted in a conscious effort to provide for their children everything they need and that their parents lacked. Further distortions of the dream; have resulted in a view that gives us a sense of entitlement.

The concept of self-fulfillment responds to the idea that your satisfaction and your happiness are paramount in your life. People do not want to accept anything that would threaten their immediate satisfaction. It further...

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