Personal Statement

Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

As a senior majoring in Economics at XXX, one of the top four universities in Shanghai, the more relevant courses I take, the more I am certain about my future career as an Economist.

However, I realize that what I have learned as an undergraduate is far from enough. Therefore, it is my dream to pursue a graduate program in Economics at your university. If accepted, my intended concentration would be microeconomics or Finance.

My interest in Economics was ignited in high school, where I was first introduced to the fundamental economic theories in our politics class. I was so fascinated by the concepts of ‘invisible hand’, ‘Giffen’s Paradox’ and others that I chose the major of Economics as my first choice before the University Entrance Examination. Unlike my classmates, whose major is usually decided by their parents, I followed the voice of my heart and I am determined to persist in the end.

With my education at XXX, I was not only solidly grounded in the fundamentals, but also found a very supportive environment. Luckily, my classmates are all very capable and self-motivated; we have our study groups and do research together. During my junior year, teaming up with four students, I did research on the topic of how to effectively stimulate China’s economy by increasing the demand of residents. My responsibility included collecting data, reviewing relevant magazines and assisting in the establishment of the economic model. The paper of our co-effort got approved by XXX Fund — a fund offered by XXX to potential research programs.

I also read a lot of classical economic works, including Professor Larry H.P. Lang’s books like ‘Who is saving China’s economy’. Through extensive reading and group research, they not only help me develop good study habits and perform well enough to get the scholarship, but also broaden my perspective and give me new insights into the depth of my field.

I did not limit myself to academic studies at the...

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