Persuasive Memo

Persuasive Memo

DigiFast Corporation Memorandum

Date: January 23, 2009
To: Steve Taylor, Facilities Manager ST
From: Elizabeth Jones, owner
Subject: Why DigiFast needs a daycare center

Recently I have heard many parents complaining about issues with not spending enough time or energy with their children. I am proud to inform you of my intention to place a daycare, Precious Garden Daycare within River View Plaza, so parents don’t have to worry about being so far away from their children.

In recent years where more and more parents are now working, the necessity for quality daycare providers have grown. Having a daycare within DigiFast provides the greatest advantages to those at home where both parents work and there is no one at home to care for their children. Between the ages of birth to twelve years old, these children need trustworthy and dependable childcare. Providing quality childcare in the early years of a child’s life is essential to a productive life in their later years.

What are the benefits of a daycare within the workplace?

With having a daycare in the workplace, it can reduce absenteeism. Employee absenteeism percentage will decrease. Parents can come in to work early or stay later, depending on working out a schedule with the business on when the daycare can open up. Parents won’t have to call out of work because of their child being sick because there will be a staff nurse there to care for the sick children in a separate area.

Parents will be able to drop their children off at a trustworthy and dependable daycare so they can work and become financially independent. Parents will be able to spend an hour with their children when they are on lunch or when they are on their break.

What is the biggest obstacle that the parents might face?

The biggest obstacle that parents might come across is how they will be able to afford to pay for daycare. When parents enroll their children into Precious Garden Daycare, they will receive a...

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