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Standardized Tests
Specific Purpose: (to persuade my audience that standardized testing is wrong for knowing someone’s intellectual standpoint.)

Central Idea: (See the checklist on your time line, and include the main points in a complete sentence.)

I. You all remember waking up early on a Saturday morning, looking over the last of vocab and math equations you did not understand. Packing your number two pencils, calculator, and a snack. You get to your testing center and find a desk. The test proctor hands out the test you been dreading your entire high school career and you get a rush of test anxiety.
A. This story is all too familiar to you and other sophomore/juniors all over the world. The first students to take this and have test anxiety were in 1901.
II. Well most are you are probably all thinking we all understand that standardized tests are terrible we were there. I agree with you, but it was not until I did my research that I realized that testing was wrong for the students.

Preview Statement: (Today, I thought I would share with you what I learned from doing my research on this. Standardized testing is wrong for knowing someone’s itntellctual standpoint, it brings anixiety to the test taker, and how the standardized test makes the tester feel worse about themselves.)

(Connective: The first point I would like to talk to you about is how standardized testing is wrong for knowing someone’s intellectual standpoint.)

I. (wrong for knowing someone’s intellectual standpoint.)

A. As some of you said in your questionnaire…..

B. In the article in The New York Times, College Board announced that the exam does not focus enough on the academic skills (The New York Times, 2014)

1. The president of College board even said that the test has become disconnected to the high schools.

(After point I. add a transition to point II.)

II. (Anxiety for the test taker)

A. More than half of you said yes to the...

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