Pest Analysis for Uae Banks

Pest Analysis for Uae Banks

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16 March 2004

Table of content

Table of content ii

Abstract: 1

Introduction: 2

PEST analysis. 4

Definition. 4

PEST include four main factors: 4

Political Factor 4

Economic Factors. 5

Socio-Cultural factor: 7

Technology factor 9

UAE overview.. 10

Islamic Bank. 11

Competitors. 12

Recommendations. 13

Bibliography. 14

The Financial Service project is about the investment banking products and services in the UAE and also the Islamic banking market. Also a list of marketing recommendations and new Islamic investment banking products and services and some ways to market the new products. Also I will write four key areas that the marketing analysis must review and they are investment banking in the UAE, IslaSmic banking markets, Competitors and customers. The information will be written after a primary and secondary research

The report will give Mr. Parkesh some helpful information to help him in his business and to develop the products and services and promote them in the UAE market. I will give him information about the UAE and the PEST analysis will help him to know more about the UAE and the political, economy, socio-cultural factors in the country so he can know whether the UAE is a good environment to his business or not. In addition, the report includes general information about banking in the UAE. Also he will know more about the competitors and they are Dubai Islamic Bank and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

Finally, I will give him some recommendations.

PEST analysis


A PEST analysis looks at the external business environment. PEST stands for Political, Economic, Sociocultural and Technological. The analysis looks at the impact of each of these factors and their interplay with each other on the business. You have to understand this method before start the...

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