Phase 4 Ip

Phase 4 Ip


Phase 4 Individual Project
Joseph Golley
Colorado Technical University Online
Organizational Leadership
Professor Richard Hilliard
Date: February6, 2012

Table of Contents
Project Outline 3
Abstract 4
Organizational Structure 5
Personality Type Assessment Results 6
Personality Type: 6
Additional Personality Type Definition: 7
Assessment Results: 9
Personal Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses 11
Impact Analysis on Organizational Implementing Change 15
Motivational Techniques to Support Change 22
Communication Plan 27
Negotiation Strategy and Plan 30
References 31

Project Outline
I will be doing a project outline for B/E Aerospace Inc. the company I work for to development of a Beverage Refrigerator/Freezer to be used on commercial aircraft to keep food or refreshments cool or frozen during long commercial flights to be offered to the passengers while they travel. This project will entail the design, qualification of the product, and the transition of the product into production for sale to customers.
I currently work for B/E which produces similar types of product for the commercial aviation market today and I would like to use this for my project. I would like to compare how we currently are doing things to see if there are any things I learn during the class that could aid in a better way of doing what we currently do today.


Organizational Structure
I would describe the company organization structure of B/E as primarily a Composite Organization for this particular project I will be planning to implement. (I will base this on the current structure in place at the company I currently work at.) The structure is basically a Program Manager in charge of the project. A dedicated Engineering Manger with a staff of engineers, designers, and drafters under his supervision. The other supporting structure from the organization is more of a strong matrix...

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