Phoenix Cinema

Phoenix Cinema

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Phoenix Cinema
(East Finchley)

Aim: To prepare a mini-report, containing a summary of the information gathered on the cinema and the environment (PEST) in which it operates. This report should refer to at least 3 separate sources, which must all be quoted and referenced correctly.

How does the cinema generate its income?

According to The Phoenix Cinema website ( it is an independent cinema owned and run by a charitable trust on behalf of the people of North London. As a charitable trust, the Phoenix is a non-profit making organisation. Any income it raises is put straight back into the cinema. The money made helps with the renovations of the cinema, running events and many more.
During the year 1985, the Phoenix cinema it received an annual grant from the London Boroughs Grant Unit, which was gradually reduced to zero over the next seven years.
For special projects and any investments such as new equipment, repairs and renovation, the Phoenix needs to raise external funding. Festivals, film courses and other special events have been supported by grants from the London Borough of Barnet, Film London, Connexions, and the Barnet Children's Fund.
The Trust raised a total of £250,000 between 2000 and 2002 for the works carried out in the winter of 2001/02, including an £85,000 grant from the Regional Arts Lottery Programme as well as grants from The London Film and Video Development Agency, the British Film Institute, Barnet Council, the Milly Apthorp Trust, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Bridge House Estate Trust Fund. Smaller contributions were made by the Chapman Trust and the Mercers Company. Individual donations from Phoenix patrons totalled almost £40,000. In 2006 the company raised £60,000 from Trusts and Foundations, companies and individual donors to reseat the auditorium.
The cinema also encourages people to donate by creating a membership scheme which has a number of benefits to its...

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