Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness

Why Physical Fitness is important in the Marine Corps

"The few, the proud, the Marines." Us as Marines like to take pride in what we've earned wich is our eagle, globe and ancor, and our right to just be called Marines. From earning our tan belts to just putting on the uniform everyday we take pride in almost everything we do. Two things we focus on in the Marine Corps is physical fitness and mental strength. The importantance of physical fitness begins with mission readyness.

The Marine Corps has the highest physical standards out of all the branches so we like to think that we have the best physical capabilities. The Marines are known for getting stuff done, not only fast, but the best way possiblie. The best way to things done is to be physically fit. If the mission was to get to a certain location by a certain time carrying about 50 pounds on your person and one of your fellow marines goes down. Now you have to carry him as well as his 50 pounds he was carrying. If you do not make it to the location by that time you are supposed to, your fellow marine will not make it. So now you have a life on line and it's depending on your physical fabilities you can push through and get him there on time saving his life.

Out of the four main branches ( Army, Navy, Airforce, and the Marine corps) the Marine Corps has the longest and most intense basic training. We go through three months of hell and have to deal with drill intructors and not drill sergents. Then since every Marine is a rifle man, every marine goes through the school of infantry to help condtion ourselves for combat. Just adding to our already intense boot camp. Making our bodies to be ready for anything at anytime. This helps our arguement about having the best physical capiblities making us physically fit and always ready for the mission.

We like to grade our fitness by taking physical fitness tests. To get a perfect score on this test you have to get twenty or more pull ups, one...

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