Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) Market by PGR Type

Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) Market by PGR Type

“The Global Plant Growth Regulators market is one of the growing segments in crop protection industry that caters to the improvement of crop yield. Plant growth regulators perform systematic regulation of the growth and development of the plant through modification of various physiological attributes of the plant. PGRs are widely used in variety of plantations ranging from row crops, fruits to turf and grass. The market is segmented into key types of PGRs and crops that use PGR along with in-depth country level detailed regional analysis.

Global growing demand for cotton is fueling the usage of PGRs in cotton cultivation to meet the requirements. This is one of the key driving factors for the growth of PGR market around the world, especially in the APAC and Latin American regions, where cotton production is significantly high. Furthermore, the need to improve the yield of food crops to cater the food requirements of the increasing world population is another important point that propels PGR market. Developing PGRs for the purpose of inducing qualities like drought resistance and stress tolerance in plants to improve the life and quality of the crop is a potential opportunity for the growth of PGR market.

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Table of contents :

. Executive Summary

2. Global Plant Growth Regulators– Market Overview

3. Global Plant Growth Regulators– Market Landscape

3.1. Market Share Analysis

3.2. Comparative Analysis

3.2.1. Product Benchmarking

3.2.2. Patent Analysis

4. Global Plant Growth Regulators– Market Forces

4.1. Market Drivers

4.2. Market Constraints

4.3. Market Challenges

4.4. Attractiveness of the Plant Growth Regulators Industry

4.4.1. Power...

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