PM 586 Final Exam (Latest) - Assignment

PM 586 Final Exam (Latest) - Assignment

PM/586 Final Exam

1. In a strong matrix structure, employees take daily direction from:
• Project manager only
• Both, but the project manager has greater influence
• Both, but the functional manager has greater influence
• Functional manager only

2. If the schedule variance is positive and the cost variance is negative, the project’s status is:
• Over budget and behind schedule
• Under budget and ahead of schedule
• Over budget and ahead of schedule
• Under budget and behind schedule

3. Which category of projects would involve a large number of functional units where the workers may be assigned either part-time or full-time?
• Special
• Individual
• Staff
• Matrixed

4. Which type of chart provides the least “predictive” value?
• Bar chart

5. Scope creep is generally the result of:
• Too much detail in the specifications
• Having too many levels in the WBS
• Poorly defined SOW
• Having the wrong people assigned to the project
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6. Which of the following is the role of the PM rather than the role of the functional manager?
• Where it will be done
• How the work will be done
• Who will do it
• What work will be done

7. The balance between quality and cost is called:
• Produceability
• Salability
• Availability
• Operability

8. The EVMS term that represents the value of work actually accomplished is:
• AC
• EV
• PV

9. Which of the following would be the first item to be discussed in the initial kickoff meeting for a project?
• Understanding of the budget
• Understanding of the schedule
• Understanding of the requirements
• Understanding of the plan
10. Quality is defined by the:
• Project team
• customer
• Project manager
• Project sponsor
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11. Which of the following people has the greatest influence on how much authority a...

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