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Topic: Now big cities have many problems. What are these problems? Do you think the government should encourage city residents to move to small cities and towns?

It is quite common recently that we are frequently confronted with the vivid coverage of media about the appearance of all kinds of problems in big cities with the development of economy. So the result is that so many troubles exist and we cannot neglect them.

As we all know, basic facilities of a city are vital for its residents, while we can easily find that the infrastructures are unable to satisfy citizens. An evident phenomenon, which appears commonly, is traffic jam, especially on rush hours, because the roads are not enough compared with an increasing number of cars. It nearly has been a challenge for citizens in a daily. Another essential one is lack electricity. So much electricity will be consumed everyday. It is not unusual that it will be used up in advance in some cities.

Last but not least, pollution is another issue we cannot ignore. Firstly, the tail gas leads to serious air pollution. And it even causes some related diseases in some cities, like Los Angles. Secondly, because of human activities, solid and liquid pollution also have a bad impact on environment.

Facing these serious problems, the government should take some measures. It is a good idea to encourage city residents to move to small cities and towns. Thus, the pressure of big cities will reduce. However, in my opinion, it is not the initial way. Governments should provide specific details about this. The best way is to perfect infrastructures of cities and limit the days of cars on road. Besides, the consciousness of environmental protection should be more common among people.

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