Pop Culture

Pop Culture

Pop Culture Artifacts

After collecting ten of the most popular artifacts, I have confirmed of the past few days. It‘s surprising how many different patterns I have identified from the list I have composed. From the clothing that my kid wear daily all the clothes is the most popular labels on the market today. The clothes that we seek out to purchase are expense far more expenses then the ones our four fathers would ever have purchased. The item found to be more common where the popularity of fast food restaurants, fade diets, rap music and reality T.V. shows.

Yes, rap music supersede all of artifacts, in America the rap industry has profound control on the youth today. Where ever trend in protraded from a popular rap artist that the band wagon the youth on. Whether it is the important of rocking a pair of Air force, ones have to have a blinged out grill. Rap artists or the most prevailing thus far? When it comes to the life as a rapper, I believe that the culture is a trend. So many youth are crying out to live the life that the most rapper have, from the fancy car, diamond ring and beautiful woman.

As far as fast food, restaurants go it a trend also. On my daily, drive home from work passing 15 to 20 fast food restaurants. The drive-thru lines are long and the lobbies are over crowned. The fast food world has taken us the American people by a strong. The commercial actors and actress leading us to believe that fast can still be healthy. Yes, convenience is a big part of why we use fast food restaurants to satisfy our hungry.

Now, when it came to a healthy pursuit of wealth I believe that the fast food industry has made million of dollars off just been convient. That with in it self is a profound move to the pursuit to wealth. Now inferences to the rap industries it pursuit to wealth is socially emphasized. When it come to wealth that all young people dream weather it be a supermodel, professional basketball player or a rapper it life...

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