Population Geography

Population Geography

Geographical Topic: Population Geography

This unit is important because it links all other aspects of geography together. Students will be focusing on population geography including demography, Malthusian Theory of Population Growth, population change, fertility and mortality and their affects on population, population changes in the world, and much more. The lessons for the first two days will be centered around population growth, Malthusian Theory of Population Growth, components of population change, fertility and mortality. We will have open discussions about how students feel their lives would be affected if changes in the population were to occur, negatively or positively. There will be a unit-long assignment where students will find out the population statistics on a country of their choice (not the United States) through each lesson of the unit. We will learn their country’s current population, infant mortality rates, crude death rate, stage of development for the country chosen, key facts about the country’s cultural and socioeconomic status, current population along with the student’s opinion on migration factors. Population growth will be discussed. We will touch on the theories of population growth and each of their potential affects. The unit will wrap up with an essay culminating the entire unit in terms of the country the student chose to follow throughout the unit. A final unit test will be given on Day 6.

Day One

Key Terms: demography, Malthusian Theory of Population Growth, immigrants, emigrants,

Learning Objectives:
Understanding Population growth and demography

Malthusian Theory of Population Growth- food production, population growth and its effects and natural population inhibitions

Population change (effect of birth, death, immigration, etc)

Teaching Method:

Lecture: (components below)

Population Geography
Population geography is the study of spatial variations in...

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