Preheat Rotary Dryer Knowledge Introduction

Preheat Rotary Dryer Knowledge Introduction

After entering the grinding mill is changed into a coarse ore concentrate is magnetic, the material is fed into the water content of the product will be higher than 20% of the fine for this reason, if the amount of water to the mill is not controlled, the first phase crushing density will significantly decrease. Screening device uses magnetic tail sticking straight shaker bad shielding effect, thus affecting the stability of the whole system. Then we can choose high frequency and polyurethane mesh screen, it can not only improve the screening effect, but significantly prolonged the life of the screen.

The crude wet-magnetic, iron milling equipment is fed from about 5% level is improved, and the production of ore concentrate is from about 10% increase, thereby greatly reducing the output of the fine tailings and effectively reduce the production cost of iron concentrate. It also solves the problem of fine tailings treatment, which is conducive to the balanced quarrying, processing and filling capacity, to achieve zero waste and clean production.With the increasing demands of construction aggregate, Hongxing cement rotating dryer, ore tube drier has made an rapidly growth in technology, and has made great contribution to development of many mines in the world. Send us an email into for more details?

Please material was gradually added under wet conditions preheated by indirect heat dryer cylinder; the water contained in the exhaust according to the material, increasing the amount of feed. Preheat rotary dryer is a process, so there is no stove, suddenly fierce fire burning is not allowed in order to avoid local overheating and uneven thermal expansion damage to the machine.

Combustion value of the fuel, the quality of the various parts of the insulation, the water content of the wet material and feed uniformity affects product quality and fuel consumption. Thus, the various parts of the rotary dryer should reach optimum conditions to...

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