Prejudice Based on Characteristics

Prejudice Based on Characteristics

Prejudice is found between gender, cultural, and race. Prejudice is largely a function of

ignorance. Today there are so many different people in this world; there are Asians,

African-American, Hispanics, Caucasians, and many ethic groups. We need to look

past each other’s physical characteristics and start looking inside a person to see who

they truly are. After all, personality does not lie on the outside of your body, but in your

mind. As a little girl, I was discriminated against because of the way I dressed. I

experienced this prejudice even from my own family. I believe that society needs to

accept all people, no matter what they do or do not believe or what color skin they may

have. In order to reduce prejudice and discrimination, education is very important. If

humanity raises their children to believe all people are equal from a young age,

prejudice will disintegrate slowly over time.

The reason why I was discriminated against by some of my family members, was

because they thought I dressed and acted like a boy. I used to wear baggie jeans, big t-

shits, boxers, and hats. My family was concerned that I was a lesbian. Being rejected by

so many family members was hard for me. I just did not pay attention to them after a

while; it was the style! My grandmother talked to me, I explained myself to her, and she

was relieved that I liked boys. My experience with my family showed me how people

just judge you on the way you look.

The world needs to focus on not judging people before they know them for who they

are. It is very important to let children have the opportunity to know and to be interested

in differences, because ignorance is the biggest source of prejudice. For children to

understand and to not be ignorant, real life experience is necessary. For prejudice to

end we need to focus more on our children, and education needs to become better. To

teach our children...

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