Prepairing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector

Prepairing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector

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Assignment One

Describe what my role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teacher training cycle.

My role is: - Assessing the learning needs of individuals in my department and discussing the need for the “training” with my manager. Once a need for the “training” has been established devise a lesson plan covering all important aspects of this area. Suitable times and dates should be discussed and all students informed.
When delivering the lesson itself try to include all areas of the VARK system if necessary to cater for the students’ varied learning needs. Use demonstrations, clear explanations and get people involved, participation is an important part of learning.
When assessing the achievements of the students observe the practical tasks undertaken and give constructive feedback and be sure to ask questions on important issues. Ask students if they are happy how the training has been carried out and if there is anything else which might help them in the learning process. Listen to what they have to say there is always room for improvement and adjustments could be made to the lesson plan for enhanced future learning.

My responsibilities are: - to cater for all needs, an Individual Learning Plan can be given to all students prior to the coarse beginning, amongst other things this can used to gauge students different level of experience. Lesson plans can then be adjusted accordingly to help with their weaker points.
All relevant legislation should be know and adhered to such as Health & Safety, equal ops, disability and discrimination legislation, codes of practice etc. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps maintain, improve and broaden knowledge and skills of the teacher, by in a sense assessing ones self.

My boundaries are: - identifying when needs can’t be met by an individual or group, an Individual Learning Plan can help discover this early on. Making sure that I stick to the subject matter just...

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