Lifelong Learning Sector: Understanding the Teaching Role

Lifelong Learning Sector: Understanding the Teaching Role

Preparing to teach in the Lifelong Sector Level 4

Section 1 - The teaching role

Demonstration and understanding of teaching role, the responsibilities and boundaries

Target 1- part 1

Part 1

a .A review of teaching /training role, explaining its responsibilities and limits;

b . A review of records that must be maintained and the reason for them;

Candidate name : A. Moghaddam

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Part 1 (a )
Teacher Roles

Over the last few years I have delivered training to adults who have needed to gain training in playing volleyball for English National Volleyball League and also enabling them to take English Volleyball Association Coaching exam due to this experience I do consider myself to be a teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Within the following assignment I intend to discuss the various roles and responsibilities of teachers in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Wilson (2008:4 )informs, β€˜The role and responsibility of the teacher is a complex one.’

Research undertaken by LLUK indicates that all teachers undertake the same activities in relation to the teaching cycle:

Initial assessment
Preparation and planning
Revision based on evaluation
Guidance on Teachers Roles and Initial Teaching Qualifications August 2007- Version 3 indicates some steps to be taken to establish followings

Initial Assessment
Teachers in the Lifelong Learner Sector will administer initial assessment in own specialist area. For example, form filling, informal interviews it is important to have an understanding of the use and purpose of different methods of initial assessment and their appropriate application

Preparation and planning
Preparing session plans to meet the individual needs of learners, even if using pre-prepared materials and within predictable contexts, planning session to differentiate learning activities which create the opportunity for individual learners to be assessed against measurable...

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