Effects of Technology on Teaching and Learning

Effects of Technology on Teaching and Learning

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Recent Research on the Effects of Technology on Teaching and Learning
John Cradler and Elizabeth Bridgforth, WestEd


What does research and experience tell us about the benefits and the most appropriate uses of technology and telecommunications to support and expand teaching and learning?

A. National Perspective
In a 1993 forum sponsored by the Federation of American Research Networks (FARNET) and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), more than 70 educational decision-makers and practitioners from across the country and from all levels of the educational system participated in on-line discussions and then met for two days to prioritize benefits and issues related to educational networking. Forum participants concluded that networking technology is a powerful communications tool with the potential to facilitate educational reform. Properly implemented and supported, this tool can empower and excite students and teachers, while capturing the imagination of the community. Utilizing networking technologies in the classroom can encourage active learning, support innovative teaching, help relieve the professional isolation of teachers, and enable users to become active researchers and learners.

Network technology can also support site-based management by opening new lines of communication with outside information sources and by improving internal channels of communication among various decision-making levels. Many of the reports on the benefits of technology are derived from consensus statements from forums such as this.

B. Research Findings
This section summarizes major research findings from over 100 studies reviewed by Far West Laboratory, Software Publishers Association, Apple Computer Inc., the Office of Technology Assessment, the Monterey Model Technology Schools Project, and other sources as indicated.

The Office of Educational Research and...

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